How companies are earning and saving money – by using Whatsapp for Business

In the last few years, WhatsApp popularity increased rapidly with more than 1.3 billion active daily users. No wonder businesses are also looking at WhatsApp as a prime business communication channel. To help them, Whatsapp also launched ‘Whatsapp for business’ last year… a welcome step for small to enterprise businesses to shift to Whatsapp rapidly.
Here are some interesting ways, how our client businesses are using Whatsapp business tomake or save money.
Customer Care Automation:Power Company: A leading Electricity distribution company in India with 2 million consumers is automating services on Whatsapp. Filing power complaints is one example. Customers send a command to the company WhatsApp number and instantly get the power complaint ID returned on WhatsApp. This is achieved by integrating WhatsApp with their in-house software for complaint registering.  They are handling on average to 2000 daily queries automatically on WhatsApp.
Savings: Approximately 6000 minutes daily (8 manual user agents). A huge saving on customer care expense and no waiting time for customers on the phone IVRS system.
Manual Customer Care:Online Store: An online electronics company exporting products across South Africa – wants customers to make a short video of the gadget while filing a complaint and send across…of course on WhatsApp! This communication is handled by a team of customer care agents. A complete data backup and agent performance analytics are used. You can imagine the nightmare it can cause when the customer is describing the issue with his gadget over the phone! Whatsapp is saving a 10 minutes call per customer currently and are able to resolve queries very quickly.
Savings: With 250 calls saved every day due to Whatsapp, it translates to effort saving of 5 service agents + a huge customer satisfaction!
Healthcare: An online Medicine selling company uses WhatsApp for getting orders. Though they have built a mobile app, encouraging customers to install the app to order medicines is challenging. Some customers are old and can’t use the app. However, customers are familiar with Whatsapp & use it to send their order details or prescription photos. Whatsapp number is used as authentication of the customer & hence fake cash on delivery orders are also avoided.
Earnings: 400-500 orders daily or almost 50% of business comes from Business Whatsapp now.
Transactional Messaging and campaigns:BPO: A call center in Brazil conducts periodic consumer surveys for their clients. Using API integration, it sends survey messages to the end customers on Whatsapp from in-house software. Whatsapp messages have almost 95% opening rate compared to SMS & email (which have an opening rate of as low as 1 to 5%). Responses to surveys from the global customer are received on WhatsApp – popular with local consumers. It uses BagAChat to back up the responses and for real-time graphical trends of responses, which it shares with the respective client on a periodic basis.
Earnings: Responses and repeat business increase up to 5 times compared to doing campaigns on SMS or email.
From the last 3 years, we provide business solutions on Whatsapp, to clients across 30 countries. It makes us happy to see the significant value we add in their businesses, as technology partners.