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APIs for Automated Services on WhatsApp for Business

Chat-Bot & Automated Command Based Services on WhatsApp

  • Provide for Automated Services on WhatsApp
    • Tracking Order & Delivery Status
    • Automated Replies to FAQ
    • Customer Information & Orders Collection
    • Start/Stop Services via Simple WhatsApp commands
  • Transactional Messages  from website to Contacts
  • Automated Payment Reminders, Lead Generations
  • Replace SMS Short-code services with WhatsApp
  • Chat-bot Framework Ready to Build Custom Chat-Bots Quickly

WhatsApp APIs for Automation

  • Simplified APIs to Quickly Connect WhatsApp with your App 
  • Send Attachments & Quick actions Buttons to Contacts
  • Connect WhatsApp From Your CRM/ERP/Website
  • Allow Contacts to Unsubscribe, if needed
  • Send Transactional messages with Delivery Report
  • Two-way sync of Chats between WhatsApp & your CRM/ERP
  • Need Help in Customized Integration?
    • Expert Team To Build Automation as per Your Needs
    • Custom Chat-Bot Development (even complex ones)

Message Forwarding Webhooks

  • Forward Customer Whatsapp Messages to Your CRM/ERP/App
  • Real-time Syncing of messages, Attachments & Sender details 
  • No Coding Needed – Simple Configuration to connect
  • Enable Multiple Webhooks simultaneously
  • No Coding Needed – Simple & Quick Configuration
  • Readymade integrations available See more

Case Studies & Demo Videos

  • Complex Chatbots – Developed many complex bots for clients
  • Banking – Chat bot for Personal Information Collection for Loan Seeker (See Videos below)
  • Retail – Command based Services
  • Manufacturing – Chat bot for Dealers to Retrieve Product User Manuals and Demo Videos
  • FinTech – Automated Command Based Retrieval of Marketing Statistics .
  • Power – Automated services to file complaint and receive invoice PDF

Collect Customer Information for Loan Application

Provide Accounting information to Customers

This service comes at monthly subscription and has a free trial period up to 2 weeks too! To get more details or to discuss your integration requirement, contact us and we will work with you to get onboard!

To get the API document, please drop an email to info@bagachat.com


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