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Grow Your Business with WhatsApp-Zoho CRM Integration

Two way Communication on WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp is Most Popular Communication Channel
  • Handle Customer WhatsApp Chats via Zoho CRM
  • Bag-A-Chat officially listed on Zoho CRM App Marketplace
  • Simple Configuration – Setup in Few Minutes

Automated Messaging From Zoho CRM

  • Automated transactional messages on WhatsApp
  • Send Payment Reminders, Order Confirmations, Greetings etc.
  • Create Unlimited Personalized Message templates
  • Attach Workflow rules to Message Templates via Webhooks
  • Works with Modules like Leads, Contacts, Deals etc.
  • Available in Zoho Professional & above/Zoho One/CRM-Plus Plans

Manual Two-Way Chatting

  • Install Zoho CRM Extension Quickly
  • Send/Receive Whatsapp Messages via CRM Dashboard
  • Personalize Messages using CRM Fields
  • Backup In/Out Whatsapp Chats in Zoho CRM
  • Supported in Leads & Contacts Module
  • Available in Zoho Enterprise/Zoho ONE & CRM-Plus  plans

Bulk Messaging From Zoho CRM

  • Select Multiple Leads/contacts & send a Message on WhatsApp
  • Send Payment Reminders, Greetings, Offers etc.
  •  Supported in Leads & Contacts Modules
  • Available in Zoho Professional & above/Zoho One/CRM-Plus Plans

WhatsApp - Zoho CRM Integration for Manual Chatting

WhatsApp-Zoho CRM Integration for Automated Messaging

Activate the BagAChat Free trial account and download this document to configure the integration

Setup WhatsApp – Zoho CRM Automation

Setup WhatsApp – Zoho CRM Manual Chatting


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